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Bicycle Accident Claims - Personal injury cases in bicycle accidents are legal disputes that arise when bicyclist suffers accidental injury and someone else is legally responsible for that harm. In spite of all safety measures followed by bicyclist and still get injured by a careless motor vehicle operator, then there are laws in place to assist accident victims. They can get compensation from the driver who is responsible for the accident which is usually paid by the driver’s insurer. In case injuries are serious and victim may not fully recover then he needs to be compensated for all of his losses, health care costs, pain and suffering that he is undergoing also includes his lost income.



Accidents caused by a vehicle hitting a cyclist can give way to serious injuries and large liabilities. Also injuries caused while riding a bike have lots of difference from those obtained while driving a car. When bicycle accident happens, you need to be prepared as there are initial formalities involved in this procedure like time limits for notifying the responsible person to file for compensation etc. The Lawsuits often narrow down to a conclusion of whether the cyclist negligence or the driver's negligence has caused the accident. This negligence determination can be a complex and require in-depth analysis. If it is proved that negligence is caused by the cyclist then they may not be able to recover damages for injuries that they suffer from that accident.

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Nowadays, lots of experienced law firms are offering service to bicyclists who meet with accidents. If you or someone you know meet with such accident, contact our LawyerDublin office. We are Dublin based bicycle accident claims solicitors, injury lawyers - and attorneys who ensure that you receive all of the compensation for the injuries that you or your loved ones suffer from accident. As your hired bike accident lawyer I will assess the value of your losses and determine who is responsible for this accident. I will help you to take the case to court if the case is not settled.

Personal injury Law for Bicycle accidents

Personal injury law for bike accidents is nothing but legal remedies and defenses in civil lawsuits for wrong activity. Most personal injury cases happen because of negligence or carelessness and thus in order to avoid accidents happening because of negligence this law is formed. Some of the examples of negligence involve accidents made by drunk drivers, over speeding, etc.

How to avoid Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riding is becoming popular for its innumerable benefits. The benefits are, they don't produce harmful toxins and is pollution free, cheaper in price comparing to car, gives loads of health benefits, less maintenance cost, space saving and the list goes on and on.

Considering the benefits that the bike riders attain, now many prefer to ride bikes more frequently. Yes, riding bike has lots of pros, but it does have its own cons too. Proper safety measures needs to be taken when riding bikes to avoid mishaps.

Despite safety measures taken by government as well as bike riders the accidents do happen. The common bike accident that happens is the biker knocked down to ground with injuries like wrist bone fractures, ruptured disc, spinal cord injury and etc. These type of accidents happen when a car hits a bike, cyclist colliding with pedestrian or an object on the road, door of a stopped car opens suddenly in bike's path of travel and another bicyclist coming in wrong direction and hitting.

The three wrist bones that might easily break or fracture during these accidents are radius, scaphoid or ulna bones causing extreme pain in addition to big swelling. The treatment involves surgical method or Non surgical depending upon the severity and usually takes time to recover to normalcy.

Important points to note while riding with other cyclist

These are some useful measures to follow while riding with other cyclist.

  • If you see dangerous debris on roadway or a road having blind spots, it is better to warn others in riding group.
  • Although cyclist riding next to each other is not illegal, riding single-file is safer. Avoid  following too closely too.
  • Be aware to share the road with other users like runners, non-traditional vehicles etc.

Safety measures for safe bicycle riding

Prevention is always better than cure. Just follow some simple precautions and have a safe ride.

  1. Always protect your head by wearing a helmet. It not only protect our eyes from the dust and harsh lights of other vehicles also avoids us to use our hand or fingers to clean while we are controlling our cycle. Head is the most important part of our body and so wearing helmet is mainly to protect our head from head injuries.
  2. Headlights and taillights can be fitted on bicycle which gets power from rechargeable batteries. These properly aimed and securely attached lights gives better safety.
  3. Audible signaling devices like bell needs to be attached to cycle.
  4. Always use hand signals to let other drivers know where you are going, also instead of assuming it is better to make eye contact. In some situations like driving at night, you will not be able to make eye contact with the driver in that case slow down and stop.
  5. Obeying traffic signals will help you to prevent accidents.
  6. Staying alert while riding will avoid crashing on any obstacles on the road.
  7. Always follow a pattern as you can have a safer ride if you drive more predictably.
  8. Ride along the flow of other vehicles, following same direction of other bicycles helps to avoid colliding. Better to avoid fast roads in which vehicles come in high speed, in case there is plenty of space for both car and a bike to ride side by side then you can choose that fast road.
  9. If you get distracted while riding the bike you might likely to collide so it is better not to use cell phone or listening to music while riding.
  10. Before you start riding the bike, ensure that your bicycle is properly adjusted so that you can sit comfortably while riding. Test the brakes and wheels too.

Bicycle Accident Claims Solicitors Dublin

The bicycle accident solicitors at Lawyer Dublin are prepared to help our clients realize the best possible outcome for the injuries they have sustained. Call us today at 089 490 7829 for a free initial consultation.