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Car Accident Claims - Protecting your rights to compensation in car accident injuries

There are a lot of people who end up in auto accidents every year. Apart from the emotional stress and trauma, the victims also have to deal with the damages and injury to both their vehicle and themselves. Irrespective of whether the damage is minor or the injury is personal or there has been extensive property damage, assistance of a lawyer can help you navigate the claim processing with ease.



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What to do when you are in a car accident
Why to hire a car accident solicitor

Dublin Car Accident Claims Solicitors

What to do when you are in a car accident

It is very crucial that you report and submit your claim as soon as possible from the time of accident. The statute of limitations, i.e. the time limit for submitting any claim as per the law is very short. Most of the times, the accidents may have rendered us helpless to raise the claim on time. It is therefore helpful to have a solicitor to assist you with the claim processing and compensation. Not only will you get a good settlement, but you can also focus on your health without worrying over the claims.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are compensated appropriately for your loss.

  • Check for injury This is the basic and the first step that you need to do in case of any accident. It could be a minor accident, but it always helps to check yourself and the fellow passengers for any harm. In case, anyone is injured, call the paramedics immediately to the scene. This is not just a pertinent step for your safety, but it is also vital when you seek claim for the loss or damage.
  • Report the accident Another important step which one should remember is to report the accident to the Garda and have an officer present at the scene of collision. This has to be done irrespective of whether the accident is minor or major. You need to have a clear police report stating who was at fault in the accident for your claims to be successful. The report from the Garda has the potential to literally make or break your claim case.
  • Gather information A crucial step where you need to take note of important information like the other driver’s name, license number, address, and vehicle number, its license, etc. If possible, also make note of the names and numbers of some of the witnesses present in the scene. This can help you build your case later. Also, try taking photographs of the scene, any other condition on the road like debris or the weather that you need to bear in mind for later use. Most importantly do not make any statement or comment to any driver or anyone else present at the scene. They can use it against you at a later date.
  • Medical records In an auto accident claim where personal injury is involved, medical records play a very crucial role. You need to make sure that you get your injuries, however minor they may be, are treated immediately. Please let your treating physician know that you have been in a car accident. Make sure to keep record of all the medications and treatments along with any other medical reports. The reports detailing the injury, the treatment and the impact of the injuries in your routines will have a huge significance while preparing your claims.
  • Personal injury For all your personal injury, the claim will be processed based on the coverage provided by your personal insurance policy. It is of high importance that you keep track of all your medical bills and records in place for submission during the claim processing. If you have uninsured motorist coverage in your policy, it can help you in case the other driver is under-aged or unlicensed or uninsured.
  • Contact your insurance company You have to keep your insurance company (for the car) informed of the accident at the earliest possible time. You may have to provide a statement or report on the events of the accident and any possible information that you have regarding the same to the insurance company. At times, depending on the extent of the damage reported, the insurance company might send an employee to evaluate the damages in person. If required, you can even contact the insurance company of the other parties involved. However, exercise caution on what you speak to them about.
  • Exercise caution Often insurance companies might ask you to sign papers to give them the authority and access to your personal and medical information. It is generally not advisable to do so. You can instead provide them all the information by yourself as and when required. If your car has suffered a major damage and cannot be used, then you are within your rights to get a rental car from the insurance company. Some companies provide this even without requesting for the same depending on the extent of damage.

Why to hire a car accident solicitor

When you have been in a car accident, it is often that you are under a lot of emotional trauma than physical injuries. In the state of mind, where emotions are running high, it is best to leave the claim processing to someone who has knowledge and experience in the field. Also, sometimes when you are making a claim for your personal injury, or for the auto insurance, the insurance companies tend to push back on the settlement amount. In that case, the help of an attorney who specializes in the field of claims can get you the optimal amount of settlement.

Car Accident Claims Solicitor Dublin

An injury solicitor will be able to get you compensation for even damages classified as general like mental suffering, emotional trauma, etc. You can focus on healing and leave the processing of the car accident claims in the experienced hands of your Dublin attorney. Our lawyers can gather information and craft concise statements in helping with your case. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, we will be able to get you the deserved settlement through lawful means.

Contact car accident solicitor Dublin now to protect your legal rights.