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Motorcycle accident claims  - Motorcycle gives utmost pleasure to the rider and they enjoy the freedom of riding in open air. But riding on a motorcycle is like a double edged sword as they get the benefits of being flexible on road, occupy less road space, occupy less parking space, more mileage etc. but on the other hand the motorcyclist is more vulnerable to accidents than any other motorist on the road.



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Motorcycle Accidents
Safety measures when riding a motorcycle
Other risk factors associated with Motorcycles
Common motorcycle injuries
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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motor cyclists are in more vulnerable state on the road similar to bicycle riders. You are enjoying your motorcycle ride and suddenly you find yourself lying on the road. Accident happens so quickly before you could even realize the situation.

Motorcyclist lack stability and get injured severely when they land on the ground after an accident. In case of a car or any other four wheeler, there are so many safety features attached such as seat belt, airbags etc. However, one can't get any of those safety features in a motorbike.

Safety measures when riding a motorcycle

  • Helmet is the biggest saving grace for motorcyclists as it protects their head, and the head injuries. Wearing any low quality helmet or a fashionable helmet is of no use instead you should always go for strong, sturdy, good quality and full face helmets. The helmet needs to be manufactured and tested according to guidelines and should give full protection to your head. Another important factor about helmet is that you need to wear a helmet that fits properly and without obstructing your eyes vision also should cover most of your head.
  • Motorcycle tends to skid during rain or snow and causes more accidents. However this risk can be reduced by having broader tire. Also when you are riding motorcycle on these weather conditions being extra cautious will surely help you to avoid accidents. Better to go slowly and if the weather gets worse you need to stop and wait for it to clear.
  • Leaving enough stopping space is also important in motorcycle. It is one of a  good practice to leave a plentiful of following distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Avoid any distractions like using phone or ipod while driving. Taking your hands off your motorcycle while driving will miss your full control over handle bar.

Other risk factors associated with Motorcycles

Motorcycles are also vulnerable when fog is there. Due to low visibility the vehicle coming from the opposite direction cannot make accurate judgment of motorcycle because of its smaller stature. This is also true in case of sharp bends, curves and blind spots. Also, presence of potholes and stones on the road can cause serious problems to a motorcyclist. It will easily throw the motorcyclist out of balance.

Apart from the above mentioned risks, there are also some manufacturing defects that can cause accidents. Wobbling of wheel, for instance, while driving at high speed can be attributed to the defect in the motorcycle. Hence, in case of any accidents, the manufacturer is held responsible and has to pay to the accident victim. However, not all accidents arise due to reasons mentioned above. There are conditions when the motorcyclist is rash or is under the influence of alcohol. Participation in illegal races, showing road rage and showing stunts are all the factors that can make a motorcyclist responsible for the accident.

Common motorcycle injuries

There are two types of injuries caused in motorcycle accident and they are Hard injuries and Soft tissue injuries.

Hard injuries include burn injuries, multiple fractures, Spinal cord injuries, Brain injury, internal bleeding and other organs getting damaged. Burn injuries are suffered because the engine is not covered under a hood like car also only barrier between motorcyclist and his skin is the dress that he is wearing which is not enough to stop him from receiving second and third degree burns. The high force in which the motorcyclist is thrown will lead to multiple fractures.

Soft injuries are whiplash, road burns like bruises, cuts etc, Sprain, muscle and ligament getting torn. Although whiplash is mostly associated with car accidents it also affects motorcycle accident victims too. When the motorcyclist falls down, the first injury that he receives is bruises and cuts. Most of them suffer sprained muscles and torn ligaments because of exerting high pressure to keep their motorcycle from falling down.

Dublin Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors experienced in handling motorcycle accidents

If you are thinking Motorcycle accidents happen only because of the rash riding of motorcyclist then what your thinking is completely wrong. It is actually the drivers of four wheelers cause the majority of motorcycle and car accidents, not the motorcyclists. The negligence act of four wheeler drivers is the main reason for collisions. And few examples are distracted driving perhaps using phone, failing to stop completely during red signal, exceeding speed limit, failing to check for blind spots etc.

In an accident, Motorcycle riders suffer much more severe injuries and deaths in comparison to car or truck drivers. Here comes personal injury law to help the injured motorcyclist. You can file a case against the four wheeler driver to claim enough compensation for your injuries. There are deadline associated with filing a case and the time limit within which you file changes according to state.  If you fail to meet the deadline, you may not be able to pursue full compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Claims Solicitors Dublin

There are skilled group of personal injury lawyers to guide you in case of a motorbike accident. Better to go for knowledgeable lawyer/attorney who can handle motorcycle accident case effectively. Getting legal help can put you at ease and let you focus on your health. It is very essential to get in touch with a experienced lawyer at the earliest. If you delay to do so it might result in loss of any crucial evidence for your case.

Our solicitors can help you recover for injuries you sustained in a motorcycle crash. Call our Dublin office at 089 490 7829 to schedule a case evaluation with our experienced motorbike accident lawyer.

The claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims: The claims that you can submit are (i) lost income, (ii) medical costs, (iii) mental anguish, (iv) pain and suffering that you are undergoing, (v) damages caused to your bike, (vi) loss of enjoyment of life etc. In case it is drunk and drive, then you can claim for punitive damage too.