Pedestrian Accident Claims

Pedestrian accident claims - Pedestrians were the ones who experience an increased fatalities in a road accident.  When a pedestrian is hit by a four wheeler, the injuries can be serious sometimes even fatal. Like any other road accident, first and foremost reason for pedestrian accidents is negligence.



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Pedestrian accidents
Reasons for pedestrian accidents
Precautionary measures to avoid pedestrian accidents
Actions to be taken by driver immediately after an accident
Common injuries suffered by a pedestrian
Personal injury law for pedestrian accidents

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Pedestrian is a person walking on road rather than using any vehicle for transportation. The important point to note is that there is no age bar for pedestrians. You will see all mixes of age’s right from 5 years to 90 years walking on road. Everybody has their own preferences for transportation, but at some point of time everyone becomes a pedestrian on road.

Reasons for pedestrian accidents

  1. Pedestrians are very different when compared to a motorist.  There is no such rule like don't drink and walk. But for drink and drive, there is a fine. Hence when a motorist drives, he has to take utmost care of the pedestrians. If a pedestrian is not paying attention when crossing a signal or while walking on a road, accidents happen.
  2. When drivers are careless and are not paying attention on the road, also in addition if they don't stop at pedestrian crossings by ignoring red signal and speeding their vehicles then they are putting the lives of pedestrians in danger.
  3. Drivers using phone or ipod while driving gets distracted from road missing the pedestrians crossing then it can lead to a dangerous accident.
  4. When drivers are under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs then it might leads to hitting a pedestrian.
  5. When a driver is backing out of parking spots then he might likely to hit a pedestrian.

Precautionary measures to avoid pedestrian accidents

Precautionary measures needs to be taken by both vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians. They must follow the road rules, also should exercise reasonable care while driving or walking on the road.  They should have in mind that these road rules are not a burden instead it is for their safety. When you fail to take these precautionary measures, it will contribute to your own injuries only.

  1. When a pedestrian is crossing a road and his judgmental skills are less or have become less due to inebriation or due to old age or when too young, then that pedestrian must always be accompanied by someone.
  2. Like a motorist, the pedestrian too should follow traffic rules. He or she should not break the signal. The pedestrian should not jaywalk or run when the signal is red.
  3. The pedestrian should also be not on phone or listen to loud music while crossing the road. Most accidents happen when the traffic is mild. The pedestrian assumes that no vehicle is bound to come for few minutes. Under this assumption when a pedestrian crosses the road, a motorist too assumes that in such a mild traffic, he or she can pick up the speed. In such a situation when the motorist and pedestrian cross each other, it results in an accident.
  4. When pedestrians take up road safety educational programs it helps them to be safe on roads. Also the same educational program needs to be given to vehicle drivers too. This will help considerable amount to reduce the accidents.
  5. For pedestrians’ safety, it is better to use marked crosswalks. Avoid darting in front of a vehicle, as it is not anticipated by vehicle drivers and results in collision.

Actions to be taken by driver immediately after a pedestrian accident

Drivers get tensed and upset if they hit a pedestrian, but they need to stay calm and take few immediate steps. First take the injured person to a safe place. It is better not to give any medical treatment, other than the required first aid. Next step is to contact for medical help then contact Garda and insurance providers.

Common injuries suffered by a pedestrian

Even a small car is heavier in comparison to a person and when it hits him/her even at a slow speed the injuries suffered is more. Common injuries include multiple broken bones, nerve damage, Brain injury, dislocated joints, Spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, cuts, bruises etc. Some of these injuries need a significant amount of time to get healed. Some push you to permanent damage that will not permit you to continue your work and need somebody's help for the rest of your life.

Law for pedestrian accident claims

When a vehicle driver hits a pedestrian the first question that arises is "Whose fault has caused the accident?" Fault is found out according to the law of negligence. There are three cases, first case is driver negligent and in second case pedestrian is negligent. Third case is where both driver and pedestrian are negligent. Example for the third Case is, the pedestrian may be crossing the street without following the signals while the vehicle driver is exceeding the speed limit.

In an accident, Pedestrian usually files a claim for the injuries suffered if driver's carelessness has caused the road accident. In addition to it, they get claims covered under their health insurance policies too.

Children are smaller and are less visible, hence they are at greater risk comparing to others, of being hit by a vehicle. Also kids are unpredictable too. Hence the law imposes a higher pressure on vehicle drivers in children's case, so that they need to exercise greater care while driving. For example, when a vehicle driver is driving by schools, residential areas and parks etc he needs to be extra careful.

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