Truck Accident Claims

Truck accident claims - While the number of accidents involving these large automobiles might be smaller compared to the typical car accidents, the extent of damage (both physical and property), increases their significance. The impact is amplified when the freight carried by the truck in the accident is flammable.



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Recovery For Commercial Truck Accident Victims
Truck accidents – some unique factors
What does truck accident claim might involve

Recovery For Commercial Truck Accident Victims

Any accident which involves a commercial truck or a semi-truck or a trailer truck or any other 18 wheeler is classified as truck accidents. Compared to car accidents, an accident with a truck, especially if the other vehicle is a car, could be quite catastrophic to the smaller vehicle. The weight of a commercial truck is nearly 25 times more than that of a car and hence the resulting injuries are often fatal and property damage is huge too.

Truck accidents – some unique factors

Claiming a compensation for a truck accident could be more complicated due to the various factors that are unique to trucks on road. This would include:

  • Jackknife: This is a condition very closely related to 18 wheelers. Jackknifing happens when the front part of the truck turns away from the container part either when braking or during turning. At this point, there is no time for the driver to react. While this can happen due to the removal or de-powering of front brakes, it could also sometimes be due to a slippery road. In the former, a case of negligence can be filed but in the latter, it may not apply.
  • Fire from fuel: A truck fire can be hugely devastating when it happens near other vehicles. Most of the time the fire on a truck happens when the diesel in the truck catches the spark from the battery. This happens when the truck is involved in an accident. The battery should be protected enough to not come into contact with the diesel in case of an accident.
  • Issues with braking: Majority of the truck accidents are result of the brake failure and these are the most dangerous ones too. There could be various reasons attributing to the malfunctioning of the brakes. It could be the driver or the owner of the truck, or the company which uses the truck for cargo, or the brake manufacturer or the person responsible to maintain the brakes. Huge trucks make use of the brakes known as air brakes. The downside to this brake is that it cannot take beyond a certain amount of heat.  The brakes may overheat in case of overloading or uneven distribution of the load or bad maintenance and this could further result in their failure or malfunction.
  • Roll over issues: Rollover of the trucks can result in both personal injury and property damage. This could happen mainly due to the lack of experience of the driver on road, or a brake failure or any other malfunction. Sometimes this can even be due to the condition of the road.

Whatever is the cause for the accident, whether it is the negligence or misconduct of the driver or the truck malfunctioning, our Dublin truck accident solicitor can help you in raising your claim compensation with ease.

What truck accident claims might involve

The idea of the claim compensation is to make sure that the affected party is able to return to normalcy as much as possible post recovery.

  • If a person was involved in a truck accident where the fault was that of the truck driver, then the victim is entitled to claim compensation for both the injuries sustained physically and the medical treatment or expenses incurred on the same.
  • Similar to a car accident, even in truck accidents, one can claim compensation for the medical and rehabilitation expenses, nursing expenses, any other domestic expense which has resulted due to the accident.
  • One can also claim for loss of pay and sometimes if the injury is permanent the claim can also be for loss of the capacity to earn.
  • One can also claim for the mental trauma endured by them due to the accident, the physical suffering, any inconvenience incurred, loss of time of their lives, any other relationship loss due to the accident and so on.
  • Even the family of the injured can raise claims in addition to the claims of the injured. This would typically be a claim to compensate for loss of affection, loss, companionship, etc.
  • In case the harm was made intentionally, then the claim can also include punitive damages.
  • There is no limit to the amount of punitive damages one can claim. However, the same can be decreased at the discretion of the judge. If you are getting your claim from the insurance company, you need to remember that some of the policies or even companies do not include punitive damages as part of the policy statement.

Legal help for truck accident cases in Dublin

Truck Accident Claims: The truck drivers and the truck company generally have a higher insurance policy as the risk involved is high and in case of an accident, the damage is also quite extensive. The weight of a truck is very high compared to that of a car or a smaller truck and especially if the truck is loaded, the weight increases exponentially. Hence when there is a collision between a truck and a car or a truck and a smaller SUV, the damage is generally on the side of the smaller car and it is pretty extensive. Owing to these innate factors, the truck drivers are generally more qualified with specialized training and specific license.  In case of a truck company employing someone who is not qualified for the job and the driver is involved in the accident the claim can be raised against the trucking concern itself. Handling the litigation in truck accidents could be both complex and tricky. Hence an experienced truck accident solicitor Dublin can help you to make a beneficial claim.