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Workplace Accidents - Accidents in the workplace are quite common and yet cannot be ignored. A person falling off a chair while trying to relax will not cause grievous injuries but will surely make one feel uncomfortable and insecure with the things around in an office. On the other hand a construction worker falling from heights can be life threatening. Hence in a workplace, all the employees must be made aware of the safety measures available to them that are provided by the company.



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Avoiding Workplace Accidents
Injuries suffered from a workplace accident
What to do if you have got injured at workplace
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Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Safety measures taken by employees

Safety measures taken by employees at workplace will help them to avoid accidents.

  1. Every machine or equipment has its own procedure to follow. So it is better not to handle them without proper initial training. Also never attempt to start or shut down the installations without following proper operating procedure.
  2. If in case you are using a vehicle to transport within your office site it is better to maintain the allowed speed limit. Speeding your vehicle may lead to dangerous side effects. Also before your start driving a company vehicle, as a precautionary measure do a basic check of breaks, level of gas in the tank, signals, steering wheel or handle bar etc.
  3. If for any work you need special tools to handle then don't attempt to try without those tools. If there is a requirement to wear a protective suit or an equipment do not hesitate to do so.
  4. Distractions at your work might also put your safety at risk. Particularly, if you are driving a car and texting a message inside your site.
  5. If your company is providing a health and safety course then take advantage of that to avoid any mishaps.
  6. Any technical changes and organizational changes need proper authorization so never attempt them without authorization.
  7. Taking shortcuts to finish your work fast than the normal scheduled time will put you at risk. Always stick to the guidelines of work with diligence and awareness of your work surroundings.

Organization's safety measures for employees

The company or organization also carry's equal responsibility to provide safety measures to employees

  • In case of company located on a high rise building, it should provide evacuation plan and should conduct frequent fire drills. These days, companies conducting mock fire drills are not uncommon.
  • Companies also keep a team of employees for emergency response and help other employees when they meet with accidents, fire etc.
  • It is company's duty to provide proper marking and warning boards for the safety of their employees. Say for example, some companies paint the floor along the circumference of the door so that no one is hurt when someone pushes the door open. Lifts are provided with enough warnings that it should not be used in case of fire.
  • In factory workplaces, employees should be given training in handling various equipments and avoid potential accidents. In situations where the company provides good safety measures and facility, then the employees also should be bound by the responsibilities and follow the safety rules specified. Say for example, in a construction site, it is mandatory to wear a helmet after certain point. The employees should abide by the hard hat rule laid down by that construction company. Also, it is one's responsibility that work should be done in good health and not be done under the influence of alcohol.
  • In case you are providing any vehicle for transit, then make sure that all your company vehicles gets inspected at regular intervals. If any repair is found out, do the necessary repairs immediately.

Injuries suffered from a workplace accident

The actual meaning of a Workplace is a place where people work safely. Workplace can be a construction site, factory, school, bank, hotel or any office. And hence the injuries caused to employees in a workplace accident can vary according to their work nature. Injuries caused by accidents at work place vary greatly in severity from minor scratches and fractures to severe amputations, burns and sometimes it leads to death too.

What to do if you have got injured at workplace

First and foremost evidence of your accident is that it needs to be recorded in employers accident book. Also make sure that your case is reported to the Health and Safety Executive. Next step is to check your contract statement of employment or talk to your Human resource department for sick or accident pay details. If any dispute arises with your employer, it is better to sort it out.

First aid in workplace

Every employer needs to make sure that they have an adequate number of trained persons to perform first aid immediately after an accident.  The first aid equipment and the number of trained first aiders vary according to number of employees working in that organization and also differs according to associated risks and hazards of workplace.

New hazards get introduced in work environments when an employer is busy taking steps to eliminate current hazards. Therefore employer needs to regularly review the first aid arrangements and ensure that they have adequate and effective medicines handy.

Work Injury Solicitor Dublin

Workplace Accident Solicitor: At work, your employer should take up the legal responsibility of protecting you from health and safety issues that affect you. Important feature of a safe working environment is a genuine accident prevention plan that it incorporates in work environment. They also have legal duty to give enough compensation and also give you time off if you have faced any accident at work. Any injury happened at work, it might be minor or even severe cases, it should be recorded in employer's accident database.

Workplace Accident Solicitor Dublin

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